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Technical Data

Presentation of GLINA warehouse
massa Logistic Center

Overall presentation
MASSA warehouses are designed for food and/or industrial products storage.
Storage space is leased to companies engaged in wholesale trading of goods.

GLINA warehouse is located on Bucharest beltway 9.5 km away from Piata Unirii (the Bucharest city's center).
Access to the warehouse is easy both from center Bucharest along Splaiul Independentei (12 minutes), as well as from all the capital outskirts along the beltway.
This location is ideal considering the projects to widen and modernize the beltway, as well as the ban on heavy- duty vehicles in the inner city.

For a Satellite view go to: Google Maps Location

Shipments of goods have direct access thru the railway inside the commercial compound.

The warehouse is fitted with power lines of 1,600 KVA, its own water supply and is connected to the city’s phone system.

The land stretches 5 hectares (48,812 square meters).
The buildings total 20,000 square meters.
The land opens to the Bucharest Beltway over 280 m.

Main Characteristics

Main warehouse

The one-piece reinforced concrete skeleton building stretching over 15,874 square meters includes:

- Main storage area: 5,874 square meters; height: 5 meters; roof: asbestos cement; concrete skeleton and floor; distance between the support columns: 6 meters width and 12 meters length; lighting and power supplies

- Storage units area: 10,000 square meters, height: 6 meters, with foundation, support columns, beams and reinforced concrete floor. It includes 9 units of 800 square meters each (with four access doors each), 4 units of 400 square meters (with 2 access doors each) and an inside technical corridor. Access doors size is 2.80/3.80 meters

- Offices - located at one end of the storage units, ground floor + first floor building of 500 square meters fitted with two lavatories. Space is divided in 20 offices and access ways.

Annexes and facilities

Additional buildings:

- Shed - area: 1,135 square meters, metal structure, 6 meters height, concrete floors, electric power supply

- 4 metallic structure storehouses with areas: 877, 796, 729 and 690square meters

- Mechanic shop - 380V, lavatory, equipment

- Fuel storage - area: 55 square meters, height: 5.5 meters

- Fire fighting unit and offices - area: 179 square meters, height: 3.7 meters

- 2 guard booth at the warehouse entrance - area: 19 square meters

- Lavatories for the storage rooms - area: 45 square meters

Freezing storage
- Thermal isolation panels construction with 3 cooling units
- Freezing temperature: -22 Celsius degrees ( -8 Degrees Fahrenheit)
- Area: 253 square meters. (23x11 meters), Height 6m, Capacity: circa. 240 Tons of merchandise
- Allied steel storage frames low-temperature resistant for 90 pallets
- The unit was built in 1997 and was used for ice-cream storage till 1999
- The Freezing Storage unit can be moved and sold separately.


- Well and well shaft – 60 meters depth drilling, own water supply

- Water tank and water supply station - tank for water (lavatories and fire extinguishing) volume: 500 cubic meters, 5,000 liters hydrophore

- Water pipes: length: 920 meters, galvanized steel

- Sewage pipes: length: 730 meters, concrete ducts

- Wastewater purifying station - household wastewater decantation system - volume: 100 cubic meters, emptying basin

- Electric power supply - 1,600KVA at 20KV

- Power lines - Length: 790 meters, underground insulated power lines

- Thermal power station - not used

- Freezing station - not used

- Access roads and platforms - concrete surfaced, total area: 20,000 square meters

- Railway track - industrial rail - Length: 210 meters and track switches

- Rail shipment unloading platform area: 1,400 square meters, rail metal shed: 205 meters

- Fencing - Length: 876 meters, reinforced concrete prefab

- Natural Gas is available

Main Advantages of Glina Warehouse:

- Large storage spaces – 15,000 square meters total storage area
- Railway access
- Powerful electric supply
- Large concrete surface platforms for trailer maneuvers
- Immediate access to the Bucharest-Constanta highway
- Easy access for trailers from the Bucharest beltway
- Easy access from town center
- Large office spaces