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massa Logistic Center

S.C. AND Press Srl
Fiscal Code: RO-6549122
Romanian Commerce Registry: J40/22137/1994

Massa Logistics Center warehouse is located on Bucharest beltway 9.5 km away from Piata Unirii (the Bucharest city's center).
Access to the warehouse is easy both from center Bucharest along Splaiul Independentei (12 minutes), as well as from all the capital outskirts along the beltway.
This location is ideal considering the projects to widen and modernize the beltway, as well as the ban on heavy- duty vehicles in the inner city.


- Total Land Surface Area 5 Hectars (48.812 sqm.)
- Built Surface Area 20,000 sqm
- Concrete Platforms for TIR access 28,000 sqm
- The land opens to the Bucharest Beltway over 280 m.


- Dry Storage for general merchandise in units of 150/400/800 sqm with Height of 6,5 m
- Controlled temperature warehouse in units of 400/800 sqm for fruits and vegetables with Height of 6,5 m
- Deep freeze warehouse with Thermoisolated walls and 3 cooling units.
Cooloing Temperature –25 (-30) *.
Storage Area 253 sqm ( 23 m x 11 m), Height H=6m, Storage Capacity cca.240 tons
Allied steel storage frames low-temperature resistant for 90 pallets
HACCP System for UE export - import


- Electrical Power Supply (1.600 KVA) with double power lines and transformer
- Own water supply
- Telephone lines Romtelecom with phone switch
- GSM Coverage Vodafone/Orange/Cosmote 3G & 4G
- Customs point with EU standards and Customs Storage
- TIR Parking
- Merchandise loading / unloading + promotions